Fried Mozzarella Cheese Balls

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Tiz the season to be making cheese balls. It’s time to up your game and make the real deal, the King Kong of cheese balls; fried mozzarella cheese balls. These cheese balls have the 2 most important ingredients known to man, cheese, and fried flour. If you’re worried about calories, make sure to add ingredient 8.


1. 8 ounces mozzarella cheese

2. 1 cup flour

3. 2 eggs, beaten

4. 1/4 cup whole milk

5. 2 cups bread crumbs

6. Vegetable oil

7. pizza sauce

8. garden salsa peppers


1. Cut cheese (mozzarella) into small-large cubes based on preference and put aside.

2. Place 3 bowls beside one another, filling the primary with flour, the second with the milk and the eggs and therefore the third with the breadcrumbs.

3. Dice peppers and blend them totally with bowl of flour

4. Roll every cheese cube within the flour, sound off excess flour, then dip in egg mixture, then appear breadcrumbs and place on a plate.

5. In a large saucepan pan, heat oil to 350F (use a candy or french-fry measuring instrument to measure temperature). Set an outsized plate flat-top with some paper towels off to the facet.

6. Employing a slotted spoon, lower cheese cubes into the oil, ensuring they keep separated whereas cookery. take away from oil exploitation spoon when one minute or once the cubes area unit a golden brown and place on paper towels to empty. Let oil come to 350F before creating future batch. Repeat till all cheese cubes area unit deep-fried.

7. If you’re highly motivated make your own organic, natural homemade pizza sauce and serve hot!

8. If you’re lazy like me, buy pizza sauce and serve cold.

The main problem with this dish as that you got a real problem when it runs out, and trust me it will run out. There is not enough cheese in the world to satisfy these delicious little creations. The only way to limit intake is too add enough pepper to make it really burn! Then people will head for the water instead of for seconds. That is literally the best advice I can give, except for everybody Wang Chung tonight. Use the air fryer for best results and read this to understand how an airfryer works


If you’re wondering why I skimmed over the pizza sauce section of this article it was for good reason. If you’re going to have pizza sauce, then you need to have pizza sauce, and this suggestion is the latter. If you going to do it right, you need to have a garden! And by having a garden I mean you need to be growing 20 fresh organically farmed tomato plants every year. Don’t fret! It’s not that hard. The crazy thing about tomatoes is the only need a couple things.

1. Sunlight

2. Water

Okay I know that’s a little oversimplified but it’s the truth. Plenty of these two things will yield you a BUNCH of tomatoes. Growing tomatoes is an art, and an artist you can become if you experiment and try, try again. Make sure to beat up your tomatoes, they like a good beating!

Also, build tomato boxes and encompass them around your tomato plant so that the plant can grow up the plant and become huge, yielding up to an infinite amount of tomatoes!

Also, don’t make mistake of over fertilizing the ground, especially the first time. Too much nitrogen can be a bad thing.

Happy planting!

Tomato sauce ingredients

1. Fresh tomatoes

2. Salt

3. Pepper

4. Sugar

5. Oil

6. Garlic

7. Basil

You can start any tomato sauce recipe off with these ingredients. Don’t be afraid to try different quantities of each until you find your secret recipe, and remember, you always need a secret ingredient!