11 short hairstyles in trend, right now.


It is springtime and this spring everyone is going short with their hairstyles. If you are going to go for a short hairstyle, here are eleven short hairstyles in trend right now, and a few tips on how to wear them

The Textured Pixie Style is very cute and has so much texture and body. The textured Pixie style works best if you have an oval or heart shaped face and if your hair is of a medium texture with a bit of natural waves.

The Modern Mohawk has taken the world by storm and is not only for men but many women are also sporting this style. It is almost the same as the classic Mohawk but is faded from long to short using a razor on the sides and not shaven completely bare. This style works well on medium to thick hair that is a bit wavy and is perfect for a square face shape.

The Asymmetrical hairstyle is perfect to show off your newest hair colour and complements a rounded facial shape. To style you will use heat protecting spray and then blow wave your hair straight and use a flat iron to straighten the rest of the edges.

Straight and Sassy Short Hairstyles such as the textured straight bob is very trendy especially on a round face with medium to thick hair.

A face framing fringe has also become very popular especially amongst celebrities. A face framing fringe works best with fine and slightly wavy hair and beautifully complements a square face.

The soft and Sweet style is a very trendy and sweet style because of the long side swept bangs.The Soft and Sweet Style works best for those who have very fine hair and would like their hair to look thicker and fuller. This hairstyle complements a square facial shape the best.

The stackable Bob is a great modern improvement on the typical bob, you will create layers and extra body in the crown of your head by stacking the hair in the back of the hair cut, and you also have the option to add a heavy side fringe that is layered to frame your face. This hairstyle works well on extra fine hair for those who require quite a bit of body.


The Perfect Pixie Hairstyle is back again and very popular, and looks at its best in blonde or dark brown coloured hair. The Perfect Pixie style is very easy to style and maintain and works wonderfully on fine hair and helps to flatten a very slim and long face.

The Chin Length Bob draws very much attention to your facial features and will soften harsh facial features; it is a very versatile style and works with any hair texture type.

The Played up Pixie is the same as the normal Pixie style but leaves some length in the bangs and around the face keeping the back much shorter. This style looks great on any texture hair and facial shape and can be worn straightened or in a messy look.

The Banged Up Babe is a very heavy straight across bang added to an ordinary hairstyle and looks great with chunky highlights or colours around your face. This style complements an elongated facial shape and works well for fine or coarse hair.

These short hairstyles are all very easily to manage and style and are some of the hottest new trends in short hairstyles.